test 2

more source code

import rdflib
g = rdflib.Graph()
g.parse("uri", format="n3")
print g.serialize(format="pretty-xml")

and a query

SELECT * WHERE {?s ?p ?o}
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Testing how to post code samples

Here is an example of GoodRelations code:
<div about="product" typeof="gr:ProductOrServicesSomeInstancesPlaceholder">
   Product title: <span property="dcterms:title">Canon Rebel T2i (EOS 550D)</span><br />
   EAN/UPC: <span property="gr:hasEAN_UCC-13">013803123784</span><br />
   MPN: <span property="foo:hasMPN">12345</span><br />
   Height: <span rel="ceo:hasHeight">
      <span typeof="gr:QuantitativeValueFloat">
         <span property="gr:hasValueFloat" datatype="xsd:float">2</span>
         <span property="gr:hasUnitOfMeasurement" content="INH"> in.</span>
   </span><br />
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GoodRelations Blog started

There are so many things about the GoodRelations Vocabulary for e-commerce that I am disseminating via various channels, mainly the GoodRelations mailing list, the GoodRelations Developer’s Wiki,  and via Twitter (hashtag: #goodrelations) that really deserve a permanent home.

This blog is it; I will use it to publish markup recipes, explanations, or guidance.

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